School In India Let Kids Pay Tuition By Recycling Plastic.

Updated: Oct 19

With the aim of encouraging poor parents to send their children to school instead of stone quarries, a small school for underprivileged students in India began accepting plastic waste as school fees.

Akshar Forum, a school located in the Indian village of Pamohi in Guwahati, recently implemented the new policy in accordance with a recycling program it started six months ago.

The school was co-founded in 2016 by Parmita Sharma and Mazin Mukhtar with the objective of training students to “earn a livelihood by being responsible to the government.”

The school has since been offering unconventional education that strives to help students explore their own creativity. According to Akshar Vice President Priyongsu Borthakur, the school began collecting dry plastic waste from households in the vicinity six months ago to kickstart a recycling program that involved students collecting and segregating the garbage.

“The idea is to train students in recognizing how to live an eco-friendly life,” Borthakur was quoted as saying.“The entire recycling program is carried out by the students, from start to finish.”

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