10 Keyboard Combinations That Can Make Your Life Easier

Computer users are usually divided into two groups:

Those who prefer using their mouse and those who would rather use shortcuts. Well, that latter group is onto something because experts have found that you can lose about 64 hours a year just by clicking on things. Ready to boost your productivity and look cool while doing it, then check out these 10 quick keyboard combinations that will make your life way easier.

Redo: Ctrl + Y

  1. Create a New Folder: Ctrl + Shift + N when in an explorer window or on your desktop

  2. Delete Files Completely: Highlight it and press Shift + Delete to remove it completely from your computer

  3. Emoji Keyboard: Win + .

  4. Minimize All Windows: Win + M

  5. Lock Windows: Win + L

  6. Add a new virtual desktop: Win + Ctrl + D

  • To move back and forth between your desktops, use Win + Ctrl + Right arrow or Win + Ctrl + Left arrow

  • To close the current virtual desktop use Win + Ctrl + F4

  1. Commands That Will Save You Time When Using Google Chrome

  2. Open in Incognito Mode: Ctrl + Shift + N

  3. Open a Recently Open Tab: Ctrl + Shift + T

  4. Open Links in New Tab Without Going into That Same Tab: You know how you use google to look something up, you click on a search result and it opens up and sends you straight to a new tab?But when you need to open more results from your search you constantly have to back that original page? Instead of wasting that time, just hold Ctrl while clicking on the link and this will let you stay on the results page so you can click on other search results

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