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Good News for All Tollbooth Operators: Deputy Finance Minister Breaks Silence on Unpaid Salaries

The fresh statement by the deputy finance minister on live radio on the closing of tollbooths at various checkpoints around the country has surely created tremendous stir, debates, and disagreements across all social media platforms. The unexpected closure of road tollbooths across the country by the roads and highways minister, Kwasi Amoako Atta, came as a huge surprise to most Ghanaians, particularly the tollbooth operators and most hawkers whose survival depended on the tollbooths, given that most individuals never expected such an initiative from the incumbent government. In a recent interview with Neat FM, the deputy finance minister, John Kumah, took the opportunity to address the much-anticipated issue of unpaid salaries of most tollbooth operators across the country, as some are known to be physically challenged and thus require monthly payments for their respective upkeep. According to the deputy finance minister, John Kumah, all tollbooth operators, particularly physically c

Nana Never Attended Any Law School - US Based Investigative Journalist (video)

The man who is well known as a human rights lawyer may have his image dented following a revelation by a US based investigative journalist that he is not a lawyer in the first place. Aside fighting for press freedom and leading the Kumi Preko demonstration in 1996, Ghana's president was also an attorney general and minister for justice, positions which can only be held by renowned lawyers. But a US based Ghanaian journalist by name Kelvin Talyor is telling us to stop referring to the president as a lawyer because he never is. He made this bold statement on his popular TV talk show, 'With All Due Respect' on Loudsilence TV on Friday monitored by CitizenOne. According to the investigative journalist, Nana Akufo Addo has no law certificate because he didn't attend any law school. He added that Nana Addo has no classmate in any law school and challenged anyone who claims to had attended law school with the president to step forward with evidence. He alleged that it was thr

Former Black Stars Captain Stephen Appiah Gets In Trouble On Social Media

Former Fenerbahce and Juventus midfielder Stephen Tornado Appiah did not find himself on the right side of Ghanaians on social media after an old image of the former black stars captain resurfaced on the internet. Stephen Appiah has been in the good graces of the Ghanaian populace for selfless service and passion for the country through football. However, he wasn't spared at all when an image of himself popped up on social media with a very questionable fashion sense. He wasn't spared of trolls and mockeries on social media as he dripped in an awkward African-designed costume. Many social media users who chanced on the image were with the view that the former footballer's costume was designed or influenced by Osebo. Osebo is a great fashionista, a boutique owner, a businessman, a former lover of ace media personality Nana Aba Anamoah and a baby daddy of the media guru's child. Check out some of the comments captured on social media below;

Video: Flooding In Parts Of Accra After A Heavy Rainfall

People have died as a result of flooding in our cities and villages. As a result, as decent citizens, we must also do our part to assist decrease the flood that is ruining our homes and lives. We should constantly keep our gutters clean in order to avoid the likelihood of flooding after heavy rains. According to a video that has gone popular on social media, a flood has taken over the streets of Accra, namely Taifa. As shown in the video, automobiles are not moving as quickly as expected due to the severe precipitation. Some drivers were also observed driving through the water, which may be perilous at times. The road safety officials and the NADMO must create innovative techniques of mitigating the periodic floods that wreak havoc on Accra and other areas following heavy rains. View this post on Instagram A post shared by mama africa (@talklifegh)

Mother Caught Her Two Daughters Working As Prostitutes After Entering Inside A Nightclub

Parents of two daughters who went to their course in one of the private universities in were left in a rude shock after they caught their daughters red-handed wearing short clothes in a nightclub, together with them, were three men who proved to be their esteemed customers. It all started when they both decided to go to the same university to further their education, even though they were taking different courses. The girls were so in love that anyone could have mistaken them for twins. At first, they were able to return home when schools were closed, but as time passed, they could no longer come home even when schools were in session and would instead look for reasons to return to school. Mothers sometimes question what their daughters are doing in school while they are so absorbed in the city, and this was no exception. When she knocked into a whiskey bottle, she didn't immediately assume it was theirs; instead, she reasoned that it belonged to her boys, who were known to freque

Prophet Salifu Amoako Strikes At Nigel Gaisie's Church; Power Passes Powers

Just like in every other profession where superiority is recognized, the prophetic ministry analyzes and honors people with greater anointing and effect. Archbishop Elisha Salifu Amoako of Alive Chapel International performed various miracles at Prophetic Hill Chapel, the church founded by Prophet Nigel Gaisie. The grace was abundant on him, and it affected many others, including Prophet Nigel Gaisie, who was the host of a prophetic experience. As Archbishop Salifu Amoako speaks, the power surges through the halls and chambers. His works had such an impact that Nigel Gaisie attested to it throughout his ministerial tenure. Nigel Gaisie remarked in a post recognizing Archbishop Salifu Amoako's contribution on his church, "don't seem too clever in front of your superiors." Instead, make a fool of yourself in front of them." This was the caption he supplied to a photo of himself kneeling before Archbishop Salifu Amoako, receiving God's blessings and anointing t