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How Nana Ampadu Lost His Life, According to His Daughter

Sad news: see what actually made Nana Ampadu to loss his life. Today marks exactly 48 hours after the death of one of our country's most illustrious highlife musicians. And it's heartbreaking to learn that a legend who used to bring joy and happiness to Ghanaians is no longer with us. And the most terrible thing that can happen to any family on this planet is waking up one morning to discover that their loved ones are no longer with them. No one on this planet wants to lose a loved one. The famous Nana Kwame Ampadu's family, however, has lost him. Nana Kwame Ampadu is most often known as Nana Ampadu in Ghana. Nana Ampadu is one of Ghana's greatest, if not the best, highlife musicians. Nana Kwame Ampadu passed away on September 28th, 2021. He passed away at the age of 76. According to the information we have, the famous Highlife musician suffered a stroke and died as a result of it. However, according to Maame Tiwaa, daughter of Nana Kwame Ampadu, her father may have sur

Things We Didn't Know We Were Using Incorrectly

You may have been misusing the blue button on your hairdryer, or your travel pillow may not have been that comfy. This is because we don't always know how to utilize some goods correctly, and figuring it out will make life a lot simpler for everyone. We at TRIG came across common goods that had a new purpose and wanted to share what we discovered with all of you. 1. Travel pillows actually go in front and it’s more comfortable this way. 2. The lines on the Solo plastic cups are to measure a serving size. © 3. “The blue button on hairdryers isn’t meant for cooling yourself off when you get hot... it’s for setting your hairstyles.” © 4. The elongated packets should be broken in half above the cup. It’s easier to get the sugar out and you won’t have little pieces of paper flying all around. © , © 5.That drawer at the bottom of your oven will keep your food warm. The bottom drawer isn't for storing pans. Fl

He gave me 'four rounds' before letting me go - Lady who escaped from prison tells

The world we live in today has changed into something different, with a lot of strange things happening. Not long ago, there was a report on the internet that a woman named Theresah had escaped from police cells in Nkafoa, Central Region. According to the information obtained, Theresah attempted to sneak a cigarette and was apprehended in the process. She was then detained and placed in a jail. During questioning, Theresah stated that she took the cigarette in order to sell it and utilize the proceeds to support her child since she is in need. She was arraigned in court and returned to police custody for remands. Reporter Nyansapo Timothy stated to Angel News, which was monitored by Ahomka.News, that Theresah was transported back to the cells and would appear before the court again for another decision. Lance Corporal Isaac Amofa then went and enticed her by promising to help her escape from the cells in exchange for abandoning her feminine pride. Theresah fell to the police officer

11 Tips to Help You Sleep Like a Baby

We all know that sleep is vital for us to function at our highest level, but sometimes a cocktail of late nights, too much technology, and poor sleep habits makes it harder than ever to achieve that all-important (yet often elusive) 8 hours. TRIG brings you 10 easy and practical steps that will make your mornings brighter, your days more productive, and your sleep truly restful. 11. Exercise An evening stroll is an absolutely perfect antidote to a mind that is still buzzing with the events of the day. Unplug your headphones, keep no particular pace, and enjoy taking in the sights and sounds as the gentle tread of your feet helps your brain transition from active to neutral. 10. Get a routine When we travel a certain route every day, we do it almost without thinking. The same concept applies to bedtime: no matter how simple or complicated our routine (perhaps you need the pillows to be facing a certain way before lights off), our mind will come to know that these repeated actions signa

'Sakawa Boy' tries to Behead his Girlfriend

  Making money has become a weird aim for today's youth, as they are eager to get wealthy by any doubtful methods. Our early culture has been rejected as young men and women are on the path to being rich, looking affluent, and moving around in fancy goods well above their capacities. It was gathered that the suspect was caught attempting to behead the victim along the SETRACO Road, Amassoma/Ogobiri axis of the state.

Check out what the Ghanaian army did to a fake soldier.

Aside from crime and a variety of other social vices, one of the few issues that Ghanaians face the most is the use of false identities. These are not the identities of those who are citizens or do not hold prominent positions in the government, but rather military and other security personnel. There have been many reports of military members brutalizing citizens who dress like them and being chastised for it. However, according to the military guys we've met, this is merely to put a stop to these activities. There have been countless instances where persons in false police and army uniforms have been able to infringe on the rights of the innocent and get away with it while blaming the military or police. This young man who claims to be a soldier has been apprehended and is being dealt with in the barracks, according to a popular video today. According to reports, he has effectively wooed individuals not just into believing he is a military guy, but also into giving them employmen

"Satan is manipulating my sister," Yaa Jackson's brother claims in a new video.

 The abrupt shift in Yaa Jackson's persona has piqued people's interest. People have been puzzled as to why the formerly cool child has transformed into a social media freak, posting crazy and exposing videos of herself. Her arrival on the music scene was unexpected. Unlike other female youthful musicians, Yaa Jackson entered the music industry with a bad trend and has maintained it ever since. Some of us who knew her at an early age are disappointed by her actions and the type of music she performs. Well, it appears that the answer we've all been searching for has arrived, and it's coming from her biological brother. In an interview, Yaa Jackson's brother, Jackson K. Nyame 'Sherf,' alias Kumerica 'Cardi B,' disclosed some profound truths about his sister, her music career, and her connection with God. Music, as it is claimed, is spiritually backed—either God's spirit or Satan's spirit is used. Sherf claimed in the interview that her sister&#

Armed Robber Forgets His Document At Crime Scene After A Serious Operation

Nothing can stop it when the timer runs out. Another adage goes, "Every day is for the thief, but one day is for the master." An armed robber is currently in danger, with police in Takoradi conducting a thorough hunt for his capture. To continue out his operation, the armed robber relocated to dormitories near the Ahantaman Girls Senior High School in Ketan, Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis. Apart from students at the Ahantaman Girls Senior High School, others from the University of Mines and Technology (UMAT) campus in Takoradi also live in the same hostels. The armed robber came with a taxi in the night to carry out the raid. With him were scissors, torchlight, cutter, and other weapons for the operation. He moved from one dormitory to the next, taking the students' handbags, cell phones, and other personal stuff, but luck ran out when one of the students awoke and spotted the armed robber stealing. She yelled for help, and others rushed to her aid, but the armed robber ran,