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15 Body Language Cues That Can Help Us Read and Understand Others Better

Although we are beings that ask for and seek explanations through words, this is not always a prerequisite to obtaining the information we want or need. By paying attention to what other people’s gestures, movements, and body language in general say, we can complement the spoken information, refute it, or even obtain more data than what is provided. Human beings are a whole world unto themselves, and therefore have a wide range of ways to communicate and express themselves. That’s why TRIG brings you information about a type of language that can go unnoticed and that, although not an exact science, can help you better understand the people you relate to. Body language Spoken language isn’t the only way to communicate; there is also non-verbal or body language. When we mention it, we refer to those conscious or unconscious gestures or movements that we make and that are very powerful and capable of transmitting an idea or a message. Reading and understanding the signals 1. Imitating Wh

Three local companies are ready to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine.

Prof. Frimpong Boateng (right), Head of the Presidential Vaccine Manufacturing Committee, speaking at the workshop in Accra A collaboration of three local pharmaceutical businesses has obtained a factory to manufacture the COVID-19 vaccine. The facility is slated to arrive in the country before the end of the year, with production beginning the next year. The government is assisting Danadams, Ernest Chemists, and Kinapharma in producing COVID-19 vaccines in the country through a private-led project called DEK Vaccines Limited. Prof. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, chair of the Vaccine Production Committee, said last Friday at a stakeholder dialogue between the committee and the Presidential Press Corps that the action was part of a short-term solution to vaccinate the people against the deadly COVID-19 virus. He stated that the DEK group would follow all international standards and packaging (fill and finish) processes for the vaccine manufacture in Ghana. According to the chairman of the V

Man arrested with human skull at Assin-Breku

Agya Asuo, 27, was detained with a human skull by the police at Assin-Praso in the Assin North District of the Central Region. Chief Superintendent Isaac Tetteh, Assin-Praso District Commander, who confirmed the arrest, stated that the suspect was a well-known mentally ill individual. According to him, Asuo told that he exhumed the human skull in a nearby cemetery and hid it in his room, but his mother discovered it and reported it to the police. He stated that the police had initiated an investigation into the situation and assured that the proper customary procedures for reinterment would be performed. However, there have been recent security concerns in the area as a result of the recent exhumation of the mortal remains of a 65-year-old woman who was murdered and buried by unknown assailants at Assin-Ntenkyeme, near Assin-Bereku, the district headquarters. The farmer, known in the community as Maame Ama Badua alias "Madame Soldier", had her body slashed into two pieces and

Check Out What These SHS Students Were Up To In The Back Of Their Dormitory[Video ]

 The discipline of the highest calibre. Disgraceful behaviour that spews disgrace and a poor moral upbringing. It appears that these young Senior High School students are unaware that indecent exposure in the public domain is punishable by law, as they engaged in the open play of a very serious offence, violating the school's acceptable conduct and violating national laws. In a video shared on social media, the students were seen engaging in a hot afternoon entanglement at the back of the school's boys dormitory, with no fear of being caught during class hours. There is no regard for their education, only blatant irresponsibility. It seems s*x and other romantic games mostly meant for married couples have made their way to supposed “future leaders” of our country as a young girl was seen recently s**king a male colleague. The indiscipline amongst students has become rampant as Senior high school students have become the Topic for discussion these past weeks as videos show them

Will this new information about the Abesim killings set Richard Gyamfi free? [Details]

Currently in Ghana, there is one sad news that has sent shivers down Ghanaians' spines. A 28-year-old man named Richard Gyamfi, who lives in Abesim, the Regional Capital of Bono Region, was reportedly arrested for murder. According to the news that was widely disseminated through all media channels, Richard murdered people and dismembered their bodies inside his refrigerator. Some of the lifeless bodies were lying on the floor the day he was arrested, ready to be cut and stored in the fridge. It was discovered that Maxwell was cooking with the flesh of these human beings, implying that he was engaging in cannibalism. This heinous act is extremely rare in the country and unique in its kind. However, in the days since his arrest, there have been numerous revelations in the media. Every day, there are new allegations coming from Richard's camp. He has begun naming people and explaining how they are linked to the killings. One Abesim chief has also come out with a different opinion

Akufo-AddoTakes $5 Million Bribe Report

  The fate of Chief Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah is in doubt because there is no clear indication of whether a prima facie case was established in a petition to the President to have him investigated over the alleged $5 million bribe. Last Friday, the Council of State, led by its Chairman, Nana Otuo Siriboe II, visited Jubilee House and presented a report on the petition to President Akufo-Addo, who had asked them (the Council) to advise him (the Prez) on the matter. The Presidential Press Corps was permitted to attend the first part of the meeting, but the second session was held behind closed doors. “I know you have formidable jurists in your midst, so the necessary guidance that the rest of you, the lay men in the Council of State had, including the archbishop and others, that guidance has been well given,” President Akufo-Addo stated. He expressed gratitude to the Council for their intervention and assured them that he would carefully review their report. According to him, the case la

UTAG instructs members to return to work but some schools dissent

  The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) leadership has asked members on all campuses to resume academic work immediately, pending the outcome of its grievances deliberations with the government. This was in response to the suspension of its industrial action, which began on August 2, this year. “Things are looking up so far. “Everyone supports the suspension, and I have followed up with a statement to all of its branches on the various campuses to suspend the industrial action with immediate effect,” said UTAG President Professor Charles Marfo on Friday to the Daily Graphic. He stated that the National Executive Committee (NEC) of UTAG met last week Thursday and decided to suspend the strike, and that all that remained was to notify the various campuses of its suspension. According to the Daily Graphic, while all of the branches agreed and voted to end the strike, the University of Cape Coast branch voted against it. UCC The branch, the only dissenting voice among UTAG

What Ghana Twitter Believes Twene Jonas Worships and Here's Why

 The issue of what Twene Jonas actually worships is an issue in and of itself, because he always speaks out against Christianity in the majority of his videos. He always says that Christianity and prayers are not the key to success, but rather the ability to use common sense like white people. Following his Twitter verification, Twene Jonas sent out his first Tweet, which drew a lot of attention from viewers online. Twene Jonas was dressed all in black and sat in the middle of two white ladies on a black couch in the photo. A center table with some items was set up in front of them. Red and black candles, a silver and gold skull, a Ghana flag, a USA flag, and feathers in a silver cup are among the items. Some viewers saw this and assumed Twene Jonas was involved with the Illuminati, but let's not forget that, aside from his YouTube videos, he also enjoys music. Music is an art form, and depending on the song, these costumes or settings may be used in the production of a music video

16 Photos of Once-in-a-lifetime Occurrences

Do you think that you've already seen every meme out there? Are you aware of all of the latest trends? If you think that there is nothing new on the internet, get ready to be surprised! We are sure that the following photos contain things that aren't something you see on a daily basis. TRIG found 16 photos that we're sure you'll find remarkable! 16. Someone found the beginning of a rainbow. 15. Fell asleep in the bath... 14. The Teletubbies. Sorry for ruining your childhood... 13. "On my way to work this morning." 12. An unusual spiderweb 11. Rapunzel, is that you? 10. An extraordinary stone slope in Norway © outroversion/Reddit 9. A kitchen with a window between the kitchen units © poply/Reddit 8. This is what's hiding behind the screens in cinemas: © acamu5x/Reddit 7. New York City during a storm © CuriosityKilledTheKittyCat/Imgur 6. "My dad and his friends look like the cast of Stranger Things." © Hamuktakali/Reddit 5. The water that this ele

Effia Nkwanta Hospital’s 'Fake COVID-19 Test' Killed My Husband- Grieving Wife Alleges

The family of Paulus Okine [late], 55, blames his death on the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in the Western Region. Margaret claims that the hospital falsified the husband's COVID-19 status and confined him against his will and in violation of viral illness management procedures. The late Paulus Okine was said to have smacked his head and died while attempting to flee a holding facility yesterday, according to the hospital administration. Madam Justina Amo Yartey, the hospital's Deputy Director of Nursing Services, said that the deceased threatened a security officer who pursued him. Mr. Okine was eventually discovered deceased just a few meters from the CDH holding facility in Effia. But this news has been received with contempt by the family. The wife disclosed that the hospital detained her husband even when test results proved he was negative. Madam Margaret in an exclusive interview with Blind_Justice mentioned that the late husband was frustrated by the wrong diagnos

VIDEOS: Ghanaian Gay Man Marries In Germany

In the early hours of today, a Ghanaian gay man married his  husband in Germany, causing a massive fuss. In this country, the LGBTQ community has been brutally criticized, and many people do not want to see anything about it right now since they believe it is immoral and unethical. This is not practiced in Ghana, but in other nations where homosexual and lesbian people are welcomed and embraced. After he was also seen with his fellow guys dressed as women for the occasion, this Ghanaian gay man with the reported name Cosmos has been trending online with people anxious and wanting to know more about his identity. Finding love is one thing; finding a homosexual or lesbian partner in Ghana is quite another, which is why, unlike in other nations, such a situation will always be headline news in Ghana. VIDEO:

Lionel Messi's tear-wiping tissue is on the market for $1 million.

Lionel Messi's tear-soaked tissue, which he used to wipe away his emotions during his emotional parting address at FC Barcelona, is rumored to be on the market for $1 million. The transfer of Lionel Messi from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) this summer sent shockwaves through the footballing globe. When Messi couldn't hold back his tears while expressing his sentiments about leaving the club during his farewell address, his wife Antonella handed him a tissue paper to wipe them away. Complete Sports reports that a man in the front row of the same news conference was able to pick up the dropped tissue paper. According to Rojakdaily, the individual auctioning the tissue on Meikeduo said that the tissue included Messi's genetic material, which would allow you to clone a football player like him.

The Story Of A Boy With A Triangular Shaped Head

We all believe we've seen everything until we actually do. Some things are incomprehensible, and when we encounter them, we feel as though our troubles are insignificant in comparison to issues like this. Meet Sidiveri, a baby who is referred to as an alien by bullies. His mother, Liberata, narrates the story of her son, who has a triangle shaped skull and is referred to as an alien by bullies. What is happening to this woman's kid is incredible, and everyone who sees it is stunned and astonished. This woman, on the other hand, is very concerned for the survival of her child since what she is going through is too much for her. Her husband abandoned her the instant he saw this kid, telling her that he does not give birth to monsters and that she should return it to the devil who gave it to her. She has struggled with life throughout her existence, and she continues to do so today. Liberata claims that she became insane as a result of what was happening to her. No one ever wante