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10 Everyday Things That Are Secretly Ruining Your Skin

Let’s face it, we all desperately hope our skin ages like fine wine. And while our looks are somewhat genetic, what’s fascinating is that 90% of how our skin ages is totally up to us and our daily skincare routines.

TRIG investigated 10 of the most common daily habits that are wrecking your skin, and below, you’ll find out that it’s not that hard to avoid them and have better skin in no time.

1. Allowing your hair products to touch your skin

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Many hair products, including your shampoo, conditioner, and other hair styling agents, produce pore-clogging effects on your skin and cause breakouts on your skin, like acne, pimples, and other irritations on your scalp and face. This happens because hair products often consist of sulfates that are known to clog the pores of your skin.

To prevent this, you should consider switching to non-sulfate hair products. Furthermore, for better protection, it’s beneficial to use a sweatband on your forehead and cover your face with a clean towel the next time you use hair products.

2. Using too many skincare products

Switching between several skincare products may be challenging for your skin, as new preservatives and ingredients can actively contribute to acne breakouts and aggravate your skin. That also includes acne skincare products, which can negatively affect your skin if overused.

Instead of experimenting with different skincare products, try sticking to 1 or 2, and give them time to produce a beneficial effect on your skin.

3. Improperly using facial hair removal products

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Improper facial hair removal with comedogenic products that have pore-clogging characteristics can often cause acne breakouts on your face. So, you’re basically swapping out one problem for another.

To make sure you’re correctly clearing out facial hair and preventing further irritations on your skin, avoid products with the most common pore-clogging ingredients (such as coconut oil, palm oil, and wheat germ), stick to non-toxic cosmetics, and try to look for non-comedogenic labels.

4. Traveling somewhere new

When you’re traveling somewhere new, you’re exposing your skin to a new environment that may be harmful to your skin. Factors such as the effect of the sun, heat, cold, and humidity can contribute to the sudden aggravation of your skin, prompting acne breakouts.

In order to prevent any negative effects that a change in environment can pose on your skin, it’s best to adapt to the new conditions you’re entering. Avoid prolonged skin exposure and use sunscreen, preferably with zinc oxide. And if you’re exposed to cold temperatures, try to avoid skin dehydration by moisturizing your skin.

5. Toxins in your makeup remover

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Another common cosmetic that can cause pore-clogging and acne breakouts are the toxic ingredients found in your makeup remover. While the makeup products are problematic themselves, the skincare routine that is used to remove the makeup also contributes to skin irritation.

Once again, the solution to this problem would be to use non-comedogenic products. Also, we would suggest washing your face thoroughly when removing your makeup to effectively remove any buildup of makeup, oil, and dirt after a long day.

6. Eating processed food

High-carbohydrate food, like cakes or burgers, can provoke acne breakouts. Due to its high glycemic index, food rich in carbohydrates may trigger skin irritation since it directly affects blood sugar levels.

To ensure your skin is not negatively affected by a high-carb diet, make sure to cut back on snacks and lean more on high-protein food with more healthy substances, and of course, consume plenty of fruits and vegetables.

7. Sleeping on your stomach

Your pillow absorbs everything, and when you sleep, your face is closely pressed to all the materials on your pillow, which in turn, causes acne breakouts and clogs your pores.

We often drool in our sleep, especially when we sleep on one side of our face, which results in our pores getting clogged and our faces absorbing negative materials that can cause acne outbreaks and skin irritation. To avoid doing this harm to your skin, try sleeping on your back.

8. Excessively scrubbing your face with a washcloth

When you scrub your face with a washcloth too much, you expose your skin to extra exfoliation that has a negative impact on your complexion.

To make sure you don’t cause any unwanted skin irritation, wash your face with a washcloth 3 to 4 times a week, and minimize the exposure to unnecessary exfoliation.

9. Washing with water that’s too hot or cold

When it comes to the health of your skin, the temperature of the water is key. Cold water doesn’t effectively remove all the unnecessary buildup on your skin while hot water is known to irritate and dry out your skin.

The best water temperature for effective skin cleansing would be lukewarm, as it removes the buildup on your skin while preserving healthy oils in the process. Try to find that “sweet spot,” use water with a temperature of around 98ºF to 108ºF (36.5ºC to 40.5ºC).

10. Not washing your face in the morning

Oil, dirt, and bacteria buildup are the result of a long night’s sleep. And while we sleep at night, our skin undergoes a repair process, which in return, causes our skin to produce oil and toxins.

If that buildup is not properly washed away in the morning, it can seriously age our faces, directly contribute to more wrinkles, and interfere with skincare products, such as sunscreen. That is why it’s recommended to wash your face first thing in the morning so that you can freshen up, cleanse your pores, and start the day with fresher skin.

What other common routines that harm our skin do you know of? Share them with us in the comment section.


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