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What Your Favorite Color Could Say About You

Colors that you pick on a daily basis can translate information to the world. For example, if you like to wear red clothing, you can be associated with being a dominant person. But there are more colors and they can affect your behavior and mood, and have an impression on others in different ways. We at TRIG also noticed that the colors we pick have an influence on our personalities and we would like to share what researchers have to say about this. 1. Red Yes, the color red can bring associations with aggression and dominance. Researchers have found that athletes who wear this color are 5% more likely to win. It triggers a heart rate and testosterone boost and, as a result, it can improve performance. One interesting finding is that waitresses in a red uniform get more tips from men. Studies confirmed that this color attracts men. It has an association with love and passion. So, if you would like to be noticed, try red. 2. Purple Purple is associated with royalty and royal cere

Remember The JHS Graduate Who Manufactured A Car? Check What He Is Doing Now

In September 2020, eighteen-year-old Kelvin Odartey who had just completed Junior High School (JHS) made headlines in almost every media outlet in the country. Kelvin Odartey had just completed his last paper in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). He drove to the school with a car he has manufactured from his own unofficial workshop. His Saloon car was paraded in the middle of the school. Both teachers and his mates could not stop admiring him. They took pictures and others even enjoyed a ride with him. Pictures and videos of Kelvin Odartey and his yellow and brown painted saloon car went viral. This attracted several praises from most Ghanaians. Several calls were made by the public to authorities for the needed assistance to be offered Kelvin Odartey to enable him to become one of the greatest engineers in the world. The general belief was that another young man can also manufacture a car, and if the country should resource him, he can join forces with Kojo Safo Kant

Three Policemen Interdicted Over Man’s Death, Burial

The Ghana Police Service has interdicted three policemen for their alleged involvement in the death and secret burial of a 48-year-old man, Abu Bukari Bahala, at Seikwa in the Tain District in the Bono Region. In addition, the Bono Regional Police Command is currently searching for a man identified as the Akyeamehene of the Seikwa Traditional Area, Opanin Asuman, who is suspected to have assisted the policemen to bury Bahala. The three policemen, all stationed at the Seikwa Police Station, are Chief Inspector Eric Aforo, General Corporal William Apussungi and General Constable Ebenezer Akuffo. According to the police, they had been interdicted following ongoing investigations into the unfortunate incident. The three policemen and two security men of the Nkoranman Rural Bank — Rubin Obeng and Aaron Abey — are alleged to have brutalised Bahala to death and buried him secretly at night to cover their crime. Police briefing The Bono Regional Crime Officer, Superintendent Kennedy Adusei, wh

Walking Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Health

When done correctly, walking is an effective and low-impact exercise that helps to keep the body healthy without having to work out. However, small mistakes, like not engaging the correct muscles or taking steps that are too wide, can hurt your health. Even if you don’t notice it at the time, a few hours later you may get aches and pains as a result of poor walking habits. TRIG is sharing some of the most common mistakes many of us make when walking and why it’s so important to stop making them. 1. Your dog is too far in front of you. A study on dog walkers has found that people who walk their dogs while they pull on the leash are more likely to have injuries and fractures . This is especially true for older dog walkers who are more at risk of sustaining an injury. Because the dog is pulling on your outstretched arm, it can pull you off balance and puts pressure on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists. You may get sprains in your hands as well as wrist and elbow ligament injuries. In

7 Things That Can Happen to Your Body If You Eat Pawpaw Once a Week

Christoper Columbus referred to the pawpaw as “the fruit of angels” and it makes sense when we take a look at all the benefits it brings to the human body. And it tastes delicious which makes it perfect to eat every week to give your body a boost. We at TRIG decided to discover everything  pawpaws can do to help your body if you eat them at least once a week. 1. It lowers cholesterol. This fruit is rich in fiber which helps to lower high cholesterol . Besides that, its antioxidants and vitamins help prevent heart disease. 2. It helps to get rid of worms and parasites. Worms and parasites can cause damage to your body and it’s important to keep an eye on them.  Pawpaws help to eliminate these parasites from the body as they break down their eggs. Their seeds can also be very beneficial. 3. It reduces inflammation. © skincareaddiction / reddit The  pawpaw  has anti-inflammatory properties. These can be really useful to fight inflamed skin and issues such as arthritis, joint pain, gou


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Nana Ama McBrown testifies against Bulldog

The witness statement and a video on how Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson a.k.a. Bulldog, allegedly threatened President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was Wednesday adopted as the evidence-in-chief of Nana Ama Agyemang Mcbrown, a hostess of United Showbiz programme, aired on Accra based, United Television (UTV) on Saturdays. The video, was tendered in by the prosecution through the United Showbiz hostess when she mounted the witness box to testify against Bulldog. Mcbrown, was cross-examined by counsel for Bulldog, Mr Jerry Avenorgbo after the video in which the infraction of law occurred had been played in open court. Charges Hanson, an Artiste Manager, is facing the court for allegedly saying on the United Showbiz programme that “President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will not finish his four year term if he failed to pay customers of an alleged ponze scheme by Menzgold.” He has denied the charge of Offensive conduct to breach of the peace.” The Court, presided over by Mrs. Evelyn Asamoah

Armed Robbers Attack UBA Bank And Killed 3 People Including The Security

At around the last few hours of the Tuesday, heavily armed men stormed UBA bank located in the Delta state of Nigeria for almost two hours, with various arms including dynamites. The action of the armed robbers left the United Bank for Africa(UBA) completely devastated. An eyewitness said that heavily armed men arrived in three cars at the bank and opened fire in a Commando style which left the entire city jittering. . Customers were held as hostages almost an hour inside the bank, while other gang members outside rained at random. The massive shooting  killed a trader from the village of Ogbeofu who was also recognized as an indigenous man  while many others were wounded. Natives reported that this was the second time the bank had been robbed.