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Psychologists Point Out 8 Signs That Show If Someone Is Secretly Attracted to You

Being liked is a desire we all have, but we’re not all very good at showing it. Figuring out whether your co-workers or even your crush likes you can be a hard task at times. Luckily, there are some not-so-obvious signs that show if somebody is quite fond of you. For example, if they play with a random thing while they talk to you, they might have a crush on you.

TRIG gathered 8 signs vetted by specialists that reveal if somebody is secretly into you.

1. They respond to the sound of your voice.

This is a very important and noticeable sign. People who like other people change the tone of their voices according to the level of attractiveness they feel, experts say. For example, women tend to use a higher pitch and an unsteady tone of voice when they feel attracted to someone. It’s also been demonstrated that women prefer lower-pitched voices in men, and men will often seek the company of women with a high-pitched voice.

2. They tell you personal details about themselves.

The more they like you, the more personal details they’ll tell you about them. They may even share their flaws or setbacks but in a slightly casual way. They’ll also try to keep the conversation going by asking you things about yourself.

3. They play hard to get.

When they’re playing hard to get, the seduction process suddenly becomes more interesting, and you double the effort to get what you want. Appearing to be less available makes people want you more. But be mindful that this works only if the 2 parties are already interested in each other, otherwise, it’s a one-sided thing.

4. They have their legs uncrossed.

Pay attention to their body language, especially with their legs and arms. Their positioning can reveal if the person is available or not. If they have their legs uncrossed, it can be a strong indication that you have a shot. Also, check to see if they make eye contact with you or if their palms are unturned — these show open body language. This rule applies to both men and women.

5. They specify that they’re single.

If they “randomly” insert in your conversation that they’re currently not dating anybody, you should pay attention to it. They very well may have a reason behind saying that. So if you want to make a move, this would probably be your time to get in there. They want to show their availability as a sign of attraction toward you.

6. They tease you.

This is a sign you can spot during a conversation. If they make fun of you, but in a light-hearted way, they might have a crush on you because this is a style of flirting. If you share their feelings, go ahead. Just be mindful and remember that teasing is fun and exciting, but if they make fun of something you’re insecure about, then it has a negative implication.

7. They play with objects they have nearby.

Again, be mindful of their body language. If they feel nervous, they will play with their hair or their jewelry, or even their nails. This can be a sign of attraction too, and you can easily notice them playing with their buttons or zippers on their jacket, for instance.

8. They copy your behavior.

Did you put your elbows on the table and notice that your crush followed suit and did the same movement just one minute later? Then you might start flirting soon. It’s been scientifically proven that people copy the people they like, whether it be through gestures, certain posture, words, or even preferences in food or music.

Which of these types of behavior do you notice in people around you? Do you act a certain way around people you have feelings for?


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