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7 Places on Your Body to Use Deodorant Besides Your Armpits

It is highly possible that you own a deodorant. As a matter of fact, the deodorant market is worth about $74 billion dollars annually. And most people use their product as a way to reduce sweat and bad odor on their armpits. However, this isn’t the only task that deodorants can accomplish.

TRIG searched and found 7 other areas on our bodies that can be benefited by applying our deodorant whenever needed.

1. On your feet

People who spend all day with their shoes on know the struggle of sweaty feet. That sweat can translate into an extremely bad odor and its consequences, like germs. Apart from maintaining good hygiene on your feet, you can also spray some deodorant on them. It will keep them fresher and drier, keeping sweat away for a longer time.

2. Under your breasts

Women with large breasts often face the issue of sweating under their chest area. Dr. Alexes Hazen says that using deodorant under the breasts will keep them dry for longer. If you are worried that the chemicals in the deodorant will cause dermatitis, you can opt for an aluminum-free antiperspirant. Activated charcoal seems to do a great job in capturing the moisture our body produces.

3. On your inner thighs

Our legs can get sweaty during extremely hot temperatures or due to various conditions we may be suffering from like diabetes and anxiety. This extreme sweating can cause itching, irritation, and chafing. Therefore, putting on our everyday pair of jeans can prove to be a herculean act.

That’s why applying some deodorant to our inner thighs can be life-saving. The deodorant you choose has to include aluminum chloride. Women need to be extremely careful to not touch their private, sensitive areas with the deodorant.

4. On your heels

Sometimes our feet and especially our heels need extra time to get used to new shoes. They usually get blisters from the friction which makes it painful for us to wear our newly purchased footwear. This is where deodorant might come in handy. By applying a small quantity on the heels, you can minimize friction and therefore pain and blisters.

5. Anywhere on your body after shaving with a razor

It is quite common for people to experience redness or irritation after shaving their legs, bikini area, and armpits. If you can’t get your hands on some aloe vera, you can just grab your deodorant stick. You should opt for an unscented stick that will soothe the itchiness and treat the redness within 2 days. Try to avoid products that contain alcohol and maybe find a deodorant that has moisturizing properties.

6. On mosquito bites

Most people’s first instinct is to scratch their annoying mosquito bites. However, Dr. Steven Garner says that it’s more effective if you slap the sting or even better if you apply an ice cube to it. If the latter is something you don’t have, you can grab your roll-on deodorant and apply it on the affected area. Deodorants contain aluminum chloride, which reduces the itchiness and redness.

7. On your nails to remove the polish

Most nail polish removers include acetone, a chemical that can dry out your nails and cuticles if used very often. That’s why you might want to give your spray deodorant a try next time you remove your manicure. The only thing you need to do is spray it on your nails from a very close distance and then rub the paint off with a cotton ball. It might take some time or you might need to repeat it for a second time, but at least you stay away from harmful chemicals like acetone.

Have you tried any of the tricks above and, if so, have they been beneficial for you? Do you know of any other unconventional uses for deodorant?


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