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MTN Ahomka Loan: Apply For MoMo Loan Of GHS 1,000 During COVID-19

MTN Ghana has rolled out a new loan service called the MTN Ahomka Loan. This Mobile Money loan follows in the footsteps of similar products offered by the telecommunications network. There are already a lot of mobile money loans in Ghana and although not explicitly stated, the new loan is seen by many as a way to ease the financial pain of the lockdown and other COVID-19 effects. “Ahomka” can be translated as meaning “Emotions” or “Feelings” and this could be MTN Ghana’s response to the plight of the many Ghanaians who are struggling financially. The loan application is not long and in just one minute, you can complete it. Requirements for MTN Ahomka Loan You should be 18 years and above. You should be an MTN Ghana Subscriber for more than 90 days. You should be registered on the MTN Mobile Money Service and actively use the Wallet for transactions, including sending and receiving money, purchasing airtime, paying bills among others. If your MTN Mobile Money wallet activity is too low

What It Means When Your Nose Feels Cold

We might think that having a cold nose is just a sign of f rostnip , but it might not always be the case, as it’s possible to experience having a cold nose even in warm environments. When this happens, it may be a sign that your body needs some extra attention. It got us thinking here at THE REALEST IN GHANA , so we searched for other reasons why we might get a chilly nose aside from the weather. 1. It may be a sign of poor blood flow in your nose. © When we stay in a room with a low temperature for a long time, the body tries to conserve heat by reducing the blood flow from the extremities and redirects it to vital organs in the body. We may also notice that our nose will be the first thing to get cold since this body part doesn’t have a lot of fat. Sipping on a cup of something hot, like tea or coffee, might help us to keep warm. 2. You’ve been overloaded with work. © , © A study at the University of Nottingham discovered a link

I Received A Gift From My Boyfriend I've Dated For 10Yrs & This is What Happened To Me After 3 Days

Young lady perplexed after her boyfriend gave her a gift.  READ THE FULL STORY: My name is Abigail Sarpong from Kwamang in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I am 25 years old and I am a trained nurse by profession. I was born and raised in Kwamang in the Sekyere Central district in the Ashanti Region. I am currently living in Kumasi because of my job. Recently I have been experiencing some nightmares which I don’t comprehend. This was not happening until I received a gift from my boyfriend whom I have dated for almost 10 years. We started dating from Junior high School. After we completed Senior High School he couldn’t continue to Tertiary because of financial problems. Recently he told me he has gotten a good job. Though I have been trying to find out the type of job he is doing, I think he has not been honest with me. It was just last week I received a gift from him which was jewellery. It was after I wore it that I started having  dreams of death. He came to me two days ago driving one o

Tips That Can Help You Choose the Right Jeans Without Wearing It

When jeans first appeared, they were an alternative to the far more popular “ waist overalls .” But today, almost everyone has this clothing item in their wardrobe, and in most cases, far more than one pair. Despite their accessibility, it’s still quite difficult to choose the right pair of jeans — they can easily lose their shape or run too big or small. So eventually, we end up feeling frustrated and upset. TRIG figured out how to choose the right jeans in order to stay away from unnecessary spending, tears, and even a visit to the fitting room. Measuring along the waistline from the navel to the spine © In order to find out whether jeans will fit you by size, it’s not necessary to stand in line for the fitting room. All you need to do is button them and apply them to your waistline from the navel to the spine. If the jeans fully cover this distance, then this is your size. The method works for most body shapes, but it’s not universal, so you need to take into accou

I was in my dreadlocks when I was awarded Smartest Mathematics and Science student ever produced- Tyrone Iras

Following the huge fury generated regarding a report that the Achimota Senior High School had denied Admission to two young students with dreadlocks. The headmistress has been on news since last week. Tyrone Iras Marhguy is one of the Rastafarian denied admission at Achimota SHS. This boy is very brilliant, so smart. He was the boys prefect for his JHS and had aggregate six(6) in BECE. Too smart for Achimota School to refuse his rightful place because of his dreadlocks.  He made this assertions in a Twitter post reacting to decision of Achimota School he wrote; " This was me in my dreadlocks when I was "awarded" and still hold that beautiful record undoubtedly as the smarted mathematics and Science student ever produced." Unity, peace and harmony is a yardstick in our country, how can you denied a brilliant student because of his natural long hair or drealocks. Every Ghanaian has the right to education, so allow our dear brothers and sisters admission. Below is

Meet the KNUST Graduate Who Works For Bill Gates.

Ivy Barley is a Ghanaian digital nomad, steminist and an entrepreneur. At this young age already, she has been featured in Women in Tech book by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and also in the Founding Women book by Africa Technology Business Network. Ivy currently holds an MPhil. in Mathematical Statistics and a Bachelor's Degree in Actuarial Science, all from the KNUST and she currently works at Microsoft Headquarters as a Program Manager for its Enterprise and Cloud Engineering. READ ALSO: I was in my dreadlocks when I was awarded Smartest Mathematics and Science student ever produced- Tyrone Iras Why Dogs Bark at Some People But Not at Others She has prior to this worked as a lead consultant for a top German Governmental agency for international development, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH between Sep 2018 to Nov 2019, where through the #eSkills4Girls initiative, young women and girls are being supported by the Ge

Why Dogs Bark at Some People But Not at Others

Dogs are always in alert mode when someone new arrives on the scene. However, they sometimes immediately start to growl or bark at some people, but not others. This momentary temper could indicate aggression, a defensive attitude, or simply some form of anxiety. But why do they have different reactions depending on the individual? TRIG took a deep dive into this question and wants to share some possible answers with you. Read through to the end of the article to figure out how to prevent this behavior. 1. Unknown is scary. The most common reason why your dog reacts to certain people poorly is because it is experiencing something new. If the dog is not properly socialized, every exposure to strangers — and with it, a bunch of new smells, sights, and behavior — can seem threatening for the animal. Even if the dog is socialized, it can still find itself in a situation where it feels anxious and insecure about something unfamiliar. So the dog is more likely to bark at the people who poss

10 Mistakes That Make You Less Attractive

Charisma is not some kind of innate ability. You can acquire it if you work on it for some time. TRIG collected typical mistakes that prevent us from winning people over. We’d like to give some advice about how to avoid them. 10. Introducing yourself uncertainly © Depositphotos Presenting yourself to new people isn’t easy, we know. And there’s a temptation to just wave your hand to everyone and sit quietly in a dark corner somewhere. Why not: You’ll probably appear to be a closed person who isn’t interested in anyone. Doing it right: Say "Hi/Hello! I’m so and so," shake hands with everyone, and make eye contact. 9. Not introducing your companions to the person you’re talking to You’re walking with your friend when they meet someone they know and start talking while you’re awkwardly standing beside them. Familiar, isn’t it? Why not: This makes you think your friend is embarrassed by someone, either yourself or the acquaintance they’ve just met. Doing it right: It’ll suffice to

Mother Arrested For Trying To Kill Her 7-Year-Old Son At Abrepo, Ashanti Region [Video]

A woman from Anomangye, a suburb in Kumasi has been arrested by the police for reportedly trying to assassinate her 7-year-old son at Abrepo Reports say that the woman was carrying a sack with her which contained food and water as she journeys with her son to Abrepo. According to reports, the woman upon arrival at a big gutter, the woman tried pushing her son into it which would have caused his death. Read also:   6 Most Wicked Persons the World Has Ever Known Tiwa Savage Allegedly Pregnant For Obama DMW The boy was heard screaming as residents run to the scene only to see the mother trying to push her son into the pit. When she was questioned by the police, the woman was heard saying “you people don’t know”, indicating that she was under an influence.. Watch the video below:

Tiwa Savage Allegedly Pregnant For Obama DMW

A Twitter user known on Twitter as Olamide has revealed that Nigerians songstress and Afrobeat queen, Tiwa Savage is pregnant for Obama DMW. The information was shared via the micro-blogging platform but his tweet suggested that Obama DMW, a member of Davido’s team is in a romantic relation with the former Mavins Records signee. New Articles: 6 Most Wicked Persons the World Has Ever Known What Foods We Need to Eat to Keep Our Teeth Healthy and White

6 Most Wicked Persons the World Has Ever Known

There are the height of wickedness unimaginable, below is the list of 6 inhumane sadistic, and brutal leaders the world has ever known 1.Adolf Hitler Born on April 20, 1889, Adolf Hitler rose to become one the most intelligent, creative and brutal, and sadistic dictators of the world has ever known. He was largely responsible and accountable for the holocaust and the Second World War that claimed millions of lives He believed that Jews were the root cause of all problems and set out to eliminate them. His actions resulted in the death of over 50 million people. A lot of Christians Even though he was the anti-Christ the bible was referring to. 2. Vlad the Impaler, Have you ever imagined the pain that a fish been impaled ready to be smoked with fire goes through, imagining now doing it to a human being? That was the typical case of Vlad the Impaler was also known as Vlad Dracula. He reigned as a prince three times between 1448 to 1462 and killed about 20% of the population. He pierced ca

27,110 Jobs to be created this year — GIPC

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) has expressed the hope that new investment inflows registered with the centre last year will generate about 27,110 jobs when they become fully operational. According to the centre, 95.46 per cent of the jobs would be reserved for Ghanaians, while the remaining 4.54 per cent would go to expatriates. The jobs would be generated from the 279 projects that were registered with the centre last year, it said. The projects, valued at $2.8 billion, are an increase over 2019 investment inflows, in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic that broke out last year. In total, the foreign direct investment (FDI) component amounted to $2.65 billion, a 139.06 per cent increase over that of 2019 when $1.1 billion came in through FDIs, with $145 million local matching funds. The Chief Executive Officer of the GIPC, Mr Yofi Grant, announced this at a press conference on the Fourth Quarter 2020 Investment Report in Accra yesterday. Global outlook A report by the UNCTAD

What Foods We Need to Eat to Keep Our Teeth Healthy and White

The whiteness and health of your teeth depend not only on basic care but also on the food you eat. You can see a dentist every so often and use popular whitening products but if you love certain foods, that less-than-perfect smile will keep coming back. You should pay attention to the foods you eat and how they affect the health of your teeth. We’ve made a compilation of different foods that have a positive or negative influence on the appearance of one’s teeth. Foods that save teeth and gums © depositphotos In order to take good care of your teeth , dentists recommend eating these foods: Carrots. Carotene is good for the mucous membranes of the mouth and the gums. It also makes tooth enamel stronger. Fresh carrots are a great way to maintain healthy teeth, it removes plaque and massages the gums. Fish. Everyone knows that teeth need calcium, but phosphorus is also one of the most important elements for keeping the teeth healthy (but keep in mind that fish may cause an unpleasant odor