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Observe February 17 as National Mathematics Day - GES charges directors of education

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has directed all regional and district directors of education to observe February 17 this year as National Mathematics Day in all first and second cycle schools across the country. It reminded the directors of education that “the day is earmarked for only mathematics activities in our schools throughout the country”. A letter dated February 8, 2021 to all regional directors of education signed by the Director of Schools and Instructions of the GES, Mrs Patty E. Assan, indicated that a national virtual durbar with stakeholders would be organised at the Science Education Unit in Accra alongside the regional and district school activities. February 14 It said the National Mathematics Day, which should have been celebrated on February 14, 2021, had been moved to Wednesday, February 17, 2021, since February 14 fell on a Sunday. February 14 every year is celebrated as St Valentine’s Day, where people show their love and affection for one another. However, t

I Heard A Strange Sound In My Hostel Kitchen Around 2am, I checked And Found This Out.

More particularly, returning understudies who have been away from their school inns since a year ago February because of obligatory break because of the Covid-19 sickness flare-up. As an understudy of a government college — college of ilorin correctly, I had remained nearly 12 months at home until January this year. Much to my dismay a considerable amount of things have changed in my loft off-grounds. I'm simply understanding the security danger of a messed up part in my kitchen rooftop. Normally, I saw there were hints of creatures running in the rooftop, a perception shared by everybody in my lodging block. From the sound, it was evident those creatures were pursuing themselves however I would not know which or what creatures they were until this early morning. Since I had dozed for over five hours during the day yesterday as of now, I didn't feel tired for the most pieces of the evening. I began feeling tired around 2 am, and similarly as the rest was going to get exceptiona

142 Students Test Positive For Covid19 In 4 Regions-Ghana

The unexpected rise in active coronavirus cases in the country has posed lots of fear amongst citizens especially students who are the most vulnerable in this trying times at their respective academic institutions across the country. The second phase of the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly been deadly considering the unexpected confirmed positive cases and death trolls recorded over the past couple of weeks in the country. With respect to the second phase of the Covid19 pandemic, most advanced countries have implemented several measures to help curb the spread of the deadly disease whilst putting all hands on deck to come out with an effective vaccine. Ghana on the other hand have done similar considering the various policies and protocols which were imposed by President Akufo-Addo over the the past couple of weeks during his address to the nation. Even though there has been lots of efforts implemented to fight against the spread of the coronavirus disease, it seems like all effor

Why You Should Put Your Laptop Aside While You Eat

It has become a rather common habit to eat right in front of our laptops. It could be any occasion: a quick lunch right in the office or a lazy evening with a movie. However, this habit has too many negative effects that we should seriously consider. Obesity, unhealthy food choices, and unfulfillment are some of them, and the list goes on. We at TRIG think health and satisfaction with life should be priorities for everyone, that’s why we want to share some information about the risks of eating in front of your computer. 1. It can cause bloating and indigestion. To digest food properly , we need to sit and relax while eating. Carefully chewing food helps to break down larger particles into smaller ones, aiding in digestion. Any gadgets or laptops will only distract us from what and how we eat, and we will feel significantly worse afterward. 2. You don’t realize how much you eat. When you multitask, it becomes harder to focus. So while you may be finishing a lot of work, you’re not payi