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31-year Old man Ran Away on his Wedding Day at Pempso, Bono Region

Marriage which is a sacred geometry between a man and a woman, has been called off after a confirmed allegation from the wife of the man, was heard. Anthony Brakye who was supposed to get married before 7am yesterday, has not been seen, after his alleged wife stormed the wedding with her two children. Anthony and Araba was to become a husband and wife at Pempso, in the Bono region, but couldn't exchange the sacred covenant before the alleged first wife stormed the wedding. Araba is a teacher in a public school at Akropong, in the Eastern region. Araba met Anthony when she started her teaching practice in 2018. The two became friends and grew from friendship, to potential married couples. Araba accepted the words of Anthony, and took him home in 2019. Anthony who is a Bus Driver with one of the famous commercial transport union in Ghana, took Araba to a family house he had paid for. Everyone in that house, was paid by Anthony to act as his relative, in order to secure his marriage

Lockdown And Closure Of Schools, Restrictions That Are Likely To Be Imposed

Things To Expect In The Nation's Address Covid-19 pandemic is becoming very serious these days, the number of cases recorded every day is becoming too much. There is a new variant of the virus which is causing the extreme increase in the covid-19 cases recorded, the new variant of the virus is even more dangerous than the previous ones. The president has been addressing the country on the measures putten in place to help cure the virus, this would be the 22nd time the president is addressing the country on new plan to protect the people of his country and also help hault the spread of the virus. Ghana is recording a high number of cases on the covid-19, the government is set to impose new restrictions as said by the president in his 21st Nation's address. There have been a significant increase in the number of cases on covid-19 few days after the 2020 elections, Ghana now holds a record of 63,883 confirmed cases with 390 deaths and 3,940 active cases as at 29th January, 2020

This is What Your Chin Can Say About Your Health

"Our chins can tell us something about our childhood," thought the scientists who organized the study . They checked about 6,600 teenagers aged from 12 to 17 and were right. TRIG will tell you how childhood affects the shape of your chin and jaw. The bulging chin (prognathism) People with a protruding lower jaw can boast of good muscles and a strong skeleton, but they're also prone to plumpness. If the jaw is symmetrical, then this is exactly the legacy from one of the parents or ancestors. Slanted chin (retrognathism) The concave chin, on the contrary, tells of a weakly developed musculature, a flexible skeleton, a lack of tendency to plumpness, and a predisposition to color blindness. At birth, the owners of such a chin weigh less. A symmetrical slanted chin is also a hereditary trait. Asymmetrical jaw Asymmetry of the jaw is not an innate but an acquired trait. It appears due to body stress in childhood, for example, a lack of protein, early weaning, the impact of hea

Ghana Improves Score on 2020 Corruption Perception Index

Ghana has been ranked 75th out of 180 countries and territories on the 2020 Global Corruption Perception Index (CPI). In a Transparency International (TI) 2020 CPI report published today, Ghana scored 43 out of 100 points, improving on its 2019 ranking by five places. In 2019 and 2018, Ghana was ranked 80th (with 41 points) and 78th respectively out of 180 countries and territories. Sub-Saharan Africa ranking In Africa, Seychelles maintained the highest ranking with a score of 66, followed by Botswana (60) and Cabo Verde (58). At the bottom of the index are Sudan (16), Somalia (12) and South Sudan (12). Other African countries that were ranked as least corrupt than Ghana - which placed 10th in sub-Saharan Africa - included Rwanda (49th), Mauritius (52nd), Namibia (57th), Sao Tome and Principe (63rd), Senegal (67th) and South Africa (69th). Significant changes Since 2012, the earliest point of comparison in the current CPI methodology, 26 countries significantly improved their CPI score

15 People Whose IQs Are Higher Than Albert Einstein’s and What They Do For a Living

To be considered a genius , you need an IQ score of at least 140. But not many of us have such a high score. These geniuses have day jobs just like the rest of us, for instance as a magazine columnist, a horse rancher, or a psychologist. Of course, many of them are doing groundbreaking research and others have chosen to live a simple life. TRIG gives you a peek into the secret lives of geniuses today, all of whom are at the very top of the genius list. 1. Jacob Barnett — IQ 170 © Álvaro / Wikimedia Commons Profession: Theoretical physics Age: Around 21 This former child prodigy has an IQ of 170 and published his work on physics before he was 20. When he was 15 he became the youngest student ever to be accepted to the Perimeter Institute. Now he is a doctoral student at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, working toward his PhD. 2. Judit Polgár — IQ 170 © Przemysław Jahr / Wikimedia Commons Profession: International Grandmaster (chess) Age: 44 This Hungarian chess playe

See Photos Of Mahama Bowing To Nana Addo

Photos Of the Former President Of Ghana causes stir as he bows down to His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo at the funeral of the Late president Jerry John Rawlings despite his petition against the president. This picture is evident of power vested in the presidency.

This Is Who We Can Call A President - Ghanaians Boastfully React To A Picture Of JM

The former president of the Republic of Ghana His Excellency John Dramani Mahama has wowed Ghanaians with his fashion sense and posture craftiness. He was present yesterday at the Accra International Conference Center to mourn the demise of the National Democratic Congress [NDC] Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings. He came with the former first Lady Madan Lordina Mahama clad in a red and black cord lace dress while Mahama was in a good looking suit with a matching sun glasses and a nose mask respectively. A picture take of him has drawn great love, respect and admiration for his fashion sense when gracing any outdoor ceremony. Ghanaians heaped praises in him with his candor, many believes he is a true president and carries the charisma of a true leader who can represent the country better. Ghanaians extensively commented making assumptions that irrespective of his hard to win Supreme Court Case, he still got the class and attitude to face the crowd again where every media house will

Government Yet to Impose Another COVID-19 Lockdown

The Minister of Information designate, Mr Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has explained that the government's decision to impose another COVID-19 lockdown will not be based solely on the increasing number of cases. Rather, he says factors such as the public's adherence to the COVID-19 safety protocols would influence a lockdown decision. Responding to questions at a press briefing on government's response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ghana on Monday [January 25, 2021], Mr Oppong Nkrumah said although there have been calls for another lockdown as was done in 2020, the decision taken at the time was a "precautionary one" that gave government the opportunity to study the dynamics of the Coronavirus and plan on how to respond to it. According to him, “it had nothing to do with the number of cases at the time.” “Because if it was about the number of cases then of course there will be a strong argument to make that when the cases go up then we have to lock down some more. “That'

Why Mosquitos Sing Near Your Ears and How You Can Avoid i

While only female mosquitoes feed on human blood, both males and females can produce that pesky buzzing sound that keeps you awake at night. However, they don’t do this simply because they want to annoy you — they’ve got their own strong reasons for it. TRIG would like to clear up some myths about “singing” mosquitoes and help you avoid them. They’re attracted to ear wax. According to research , mosquitoes are attracted to smelly areas of the body. When we sleep, we usually cover our bodies with a blanket, leaving our faces exposed. Ears are one of the dirtiest parts of the body, which might be the reason why mosquitoes like to hover above them. The sound is made by their wings. Even though it sounds like an annoying song, mosquitoes aren’t actually singing in your ears. The sound is made by the rapid fluttering of their wings, which is as fast as 250 motions per second. It has also been found that mosquitoes communicate with each other by making sounds and can even make a “ matin

I’m Ready To Match Them Boot For Boot: Kennedy Agyapong Issues Fresh Warning

Assin Central Member of Parliament, Mr. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has hinted that he will be waiting at his house for some persons who are planning to attack him on Thursday. The law-maker warns that he is willing to match those assassins boot for boot. Mr. Kennedy Agyapong who made the revelation on his NET 2 television indicated that he has had a lot of calls about a plan by some unknown assailants attempting to attack his family. He notes that all their plans are already known and if they dare try, he will retaliate with another violence. Mr. Kennedy Agyapong was unable to mention the names of the individuals who are planning his assassination attempt, but he warned them to stop their evil plans before anything bad happens. According to Mr. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, he will not move an inch from his house because he is ready to face anyone who tries him. "I had a call today that I should get vacate my house because on Thursday some assailants will come and attack me and my family a

Sad news for Ghana as 3 prominent men die of Covid-19

Ghana has lost some key people within some few days and many people can not hide the pain. Firstly, the Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr, has reportedly lost his junior brother, Nana Banyin Pratt. Senior journalist and former Communications Director of the Ghana Gas Company Limited, Alfred Ogbamey, took to Facebook to break the news of his demise. The deceased was a Public Relations Expert and lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. Joy News says, Nana Banyin Pratt. died after battling COVid-19. Secondly,the National Security Coordinator, Joshua Kyeremeh dies also from Covid-19. A source at the National Security Secretariat who confirmed the death revealed that the security capo died in the early hours of Monday, January 18, 2021. The late Joshua Kyeremeh was said to be receiving treatment for COVID-19 at the Ga East Municipal Hospital when the incident occurred. Covid-19 -"/> Lastly ,the Head of Corporat

I am resigning because of these things - Kojo Oppong Nkrumah causes stir with this latest news

  Kojo Oppong Nkrumah is not applauded for his competence and hard working attitude alone but also how he manages or handles serious issues. He is known for his excellent communication skills and humility in his field of work. His communication skills is a top notch and has been applauded on several platforms. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has worked tirelessly in Nana Addo’s government and has proven his worth to his party. His absence will however be a big blow to the Npp and many supporters of the Information minister. Speaking today, he was disturbed about some ongoing issues in government and around the recent court issues that has taken over social media and several media platforms. The national democratic congress who are keen on winning the presidential seat and hence have taken their petition to the Supreme Court are currently giving members of the new patriotic party a tough and tensed moment. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah after making some comments and receiving series of lambas

Ghanaian Lady Falls To Death From 3-Storey Building In Jordan

A Ghanaian lady identified as Elizabeth Antwi has met her untimely death in the Jordanian capital city of Amman. Elizabeth Antwi, a home worker in the Arabian country, died under the most tragic of circumstances. She is reported to have fallen to her death from a three-storey building while cleaning a glass. According to a Jordanian woman who was identified as the ‘madam’ of Antwi, the deceased fell from the building and was rushed to a hospital where she died later. The ‘madam’ explained that upon hearing the news of Antwi’s accident, she rushed to the police in attempts to see her but was prevented by the police who suspected that Antwi was trying to take her own life. Antwi’s madam added that the deceased fell about two weeks ago and passed away on 24th December but news of her death was only released some few days ago by the police. It was after the news of Antwi’s passing that she found ID cards in her residence to help locate the deceased’s family. A Ghanaian man identified as M

This Lady Has The Most Beautiful Face in The World According to Scientists

Yael Shelbia She has appeared in a number of international modeling campaigns. She was listed by TC CANDLER in 2018 as the 3rd most beautiful face in the world, ahead of her fellow countrywoman Gal Gadot, and again in 2019 as the 2nd most beautiful face in the world. In December of 2020, Yael was named TC CANDLER's Most Beautiful face in the world. Earlier in 2020, Yael was named Model of the Year by At Magazine. She became a leading model for  from 2017 and Renuar from 2018 . She has received additional media attention due to her Orthodox background, as she keeps Kosher and observes Shabbat, which had led to controversy in her Orthodox Jewish religious community. In 2019, Shelbia was chosen to lead Kylie Jenner's new skincare range Yael currently stars in the television series ‘Palmach’ on Teen Nick and Yes TV Kids. In April 2020, Shelbia was enlisted to the Israel Defense Forces, the Israeli military. She is currently serving in the Israeli Air Force. She was recently named

Castro is alive and he’s now a professional mechanic undersea – Woman from underworld claims(Video)

  A middle-aged woman who claims to be from the marine world has in an interview on Nhyira FM made a shocking disclosure about the disappeared hiplife Artiste Castro. Castro, since July 6, 2014 at Ada Estuary together with his alledged side-chick, Janet Bandu disappeared after their jet ski capsized. His sudden disappearance till date has been a topic everyone seeks to get to the bottom of. Only Bandu’s body was found. Whiles Castro’s remains a mystery. In a new development, a yet to be identified woman who claims to be from the underworld says the singer is not dead but alive.   According to her, Castro has bleached his once beautiful dark skin to look fairer and he’s now a professional mechanic undersea. The woman, however, revealed that the musician is living a life undersea, urging Ghanaians to have that belief that he would return to Ghana soon. Watch the video below;     View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ghpage TV (@ghpag

7 Genius Ways To End Any Argument Immediately

  Every couple argues, and this is normal. However, if a conflict is prolonged, it can lead to a deplorable outcome. TRIG  shares how to extinguish a conflict so that you don’t regret every word of it. 7. Don’t criticize the person. Criticizing your partner’s personality will only aggravate the situation, especially if you do it deliberately. Do not insult your partner, but talk about the specific actions that upset you. 6. Don’t discount feelings. Speak your feelings and address the feelings of your partner, showing your interest in their emotional state. 5. Do not assume your worst thoughts are true. Don’t think your partner is always up to no good when away from you. This can only provoke a new quarrel. Clarify the motives of your partner’s behavior. 4. Don’t look down on your partner . Do not express your superiority over your partner. This way you show them they aren’t good enough for you. Suggest looking for a solution to the problem together. 3. Don’t look for someone to blame.