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8 Plants That Look Like Human Body Parts


1. Psychotria elata



There is a unique plant that you can see when traveling to South America. Slightly curved shape of its leaves. Actually usual, but the red color in there makes it unique, much like the thick lips flushed sexy. Psychotria elatra, that’s the name of this unique plant. The form is unusual always attracts every eye could see, especially this plant more live in the South American mainland and the rest of Central America.


2. Poppy Plant


Poppies belonging to the types of wild flowers that usually grows in groups in meadows or mountains. This flower type is now widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. The impression is fragile and vulnerable increasingly made dazzling. Plants that resemble female genitalia more or less consists of 120 species, including ones used as the raw material of opium.

3. Auricularia Auricula


Feature Auricularia auricula or so-called mushroom is widened his body shape similar to the human ear. Characteristics of this mushroom is the fruiting body that has a chewy (like gelatin) when in a fresh state. However, in the dry state, the fruiting body of the mushroom will be as hard as bone.

4. Loofah Vietnam


Never seen a fruit that looks exactly resemble women’s breasts? If not, the name of the fruit is the fruit Loofah. It looks strange, sounds a little vulgar, but the fruit is really there. In Indonesia, the fruit Loofah does sound familiar. This fruit comes from Vietnam. Loofah fruit has a pink color with enlarged end portion and has a black lump similar to putting on the breast.


5. Snapdragon



Unique flower-shaped skull when this song sounds quite unique and creepy. How not, when wilted flowers will change shape to resemble a human skull. Snapdragon has a Latin name Antirrhinum majus is a kind of garden plants. This interest in Indonesia known as the Dragon’s mouth because the shape of the flower is similar to a dragon’s head.

6. Guarana


Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a climbing vine of the maple family. The leaves are wide and have clusters of flowers. Fruit skin is red with white meat. Inside are black seeds the size of a coffee bean. If you have broken skin, flesh and seeds so it looks like eyeballs.

7. Carnivorous Pitcher Plant
A new species Carnivorous pitcher plants have been found in a remote Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia. Carnivorous plants are plants that get most of their nutrients are not from the sun but from trapping and consuming animals or insects. This species looks very similar to the male genitalia.
8. False Morels
Real morels have a lattice-like surface on their caps, with pits and ridges. False morels have a wavy, lobed surface, similar to the wrinkled cerebral cortex of our brains. The caps of false morels are not completely attached to the stem as in real morels. Real morels are entirely hollow when cut from cap to stem.


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