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10 Weird School Rules From All Over the World

School rules are necessary to establish a healthy and positive environment for each student to grow and learn. But some rules out there are hard to justify and bring out a lot of discussion between school management, teachers, parents, and psychologists. TRIG made a list of some of the most unusual and controversial school rules and punishments around the world. Which one do you find the strangest? 10. Frozen peas © Imgur A student from China revealed a photo of her knees after she was subjected to a school punishment of kneeling on frozen peas. Some claim that this practice is common among teachers and parents throughout Asia. EARN GHS10 AIRTIME ONLINE FOR FREE 9. Best friends Schools in England and beyond are starting to forbid students to have best friends . Some parents, teachers, and psychologists claim that kids grow up more well adjusted if they have bigger friend groups. Besides, nobody feels left out. Critics argue that best friends bring lifelong value. A study by Child Dev
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Body Language Tips That Can Make You Seem More Self-Confident

Body language is a powerful and effective method to communicate messages in a subtle way. In fact, it’s just as powerful as words, and even more so if you manage to combine them properly, like when we try to look confident in front of others. With our posture, gestures, and movements, we can convince others that we’re confident, even if deep down we actually feel a little nervous or tired. Whether we want to make the best impression on our next date or at our next job interview, paying attention to our body language is the key to making any of these things happen. TRIG wants to provide you with a little guide on how to make your nonverbal communication ooze confidence, helping you look more put together than ever. 1. Make as much eye contact as possible. According to author Michael Ellsberg, an expert in body language, eye contact is one of the most important and powerful tools when it comes to interacting face-to-face with another person. Maintaining proper eye contact denotes hones

Tricks to Charge any Phone Battery as Fast as Possible

Smartphones have made our lives so much more efficient, but with all the good that smartphones bring us, there must be a downside: having to charge it. 5.13 billion people will charge their phones today alone. What if there was a way to make the mundane activity of charging your phone a little quicker? At TRIG , we want to save you as much time as possible and have found 7 ways to charge your phone faster. Don’t forget to check out the bonus at the end of the article. 1. Don’t bother with wireless charging © Aaron Yoo / Flickr , © CC BY-ND 2.0 , © nickypung / Wireless charging is a relatively new method of charging your phone. While wireless charging may look cool and futuristic, it’s actually not an efficient charging method. When using a wireless charger, it can take twice as long to fully charge your phone compared to conventional methods. To put it simply, power usually goes directly into your phone when using a cable, but with wireless, a lot of that power is lost i

Cleaning Tips For Your Home that You Wish You Had Known Sooner

Unless you are a real life Shrek, a decent layer of dust, grease, mold, and stains in your house doesn’t add any charm. But cleaning your home doesn’t mean you will have to spend the day climbing to hard to reach places or rubbing your fingers raw trying to clean your cooktop. It’s all way easier than you think, all you need is some savvy, for example, a simple bar of soap can be a great air freshener for your drawers! The TRIG team loves when everything around is neat, and we have a bunch of priceless tips that cost almost no money and help us to easily facilitate the cleaning process. We can’t wait to share them and a little bonus with you! 1. Remove hard water stains on your faucet using vinegar. © Hard water stains on a faucet breed bacteria and look ugly. Here’s what you need to do to clean them. What to do: Soak a paper towel in vinegar. Wrap it around the faucet. Let it soak for 30 — 60 minutes. 2. Remove a tough stain from carpet using an iron. You will need : a

15 Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known About Earlier

Looking beautiful is any lady's desire, but there seem to be issues you can't take care of yourself. To counter that, TRIG gathered several secrets that will save you a lot of time and money, while making you look gorgeous. 15. For beautiful hair © depositphotos , © depositphotos , © depositphotos If you have greasy hair, simple cooking salt or, even better, sea salt is what you need. Add 2-3 tbsp to your favorite shampoo, and the roots of your hair will stay clean for longer. 14. For thick eyebrows and lashes © depositphotos , © depositphotos Don't throw out your old mascara bottle. Wash it, and use it to mix together some castor oil , vitamin E, and aloe vera juice. A mascara brush is perfect for applying the mix to your eyebrows and lashes. Do it every night for a month before going to bed. 13. For circles under the eyes © depositphotos , © depositphotos , © depositphotos If you like coffee , don't dispose of spent coffee grounds – they can help keep your eyes fres